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Smith Victor Lighting Kits, Smith Victor Lights and Equipment for All Your Photography, Video and Accessory Needs!

Our site lists the most popular Smith Victor Lighting Kits but we discount all Smith Victor photography lighting kits, lights and products. For discounts on additional Smith Victor photography lighting kits, lights or products contact us for a custom quote or  invoice support@Photography-Lighting.comSite map at bottom of page. 

Scroll down for Smith Victor Corp info and history.  To view Smith Victor Photography Lighting kits click on site links below. 

Smith Victor Lighting Kits Flash / Strobe Photography Lighting Page for use with film cameras photography Kits with Flash / Strobe light: kf3u, fl120, fl130, fl270 Click here to view equipment We also carry all other models such as fl200, fl240, fl210, fl290, fl280, fl110, fl150, kf2u, fl295, fl160, softbox 2424 etc. 

Smith Victor Lighting Kits Continuous Lighting Page for Digital, Film, and Video cameras. Kits with incandescent lights: kt750, kt758, kt1000, kt1008, kt800, kt900 Click here to view equipment

Smith Victor Lighting Kits Quartz Halogen Photography Lighting Page for Digital, Film, and Video cameras. Kits with quartz halogen lights: k42-u, k43, k77, k78.Click here to view equipment We also carry all other models such as k76, k79, k78, k70, k40, k41, sl200, sl250, sl300, kq82, kq83, k102, k2ra, k33, k60, k61, k62, k63, k83, k87, klc82 etc. 

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Why Smith Victor Lighting Corp. Equipment? Because of 94 years experience,  value for the money, the guarantee, and the easy replacement of bulbs!  Smith Victor is good quality equipment, American made and covered by full 1, 2 and 5 year warranties. We are Smith Victor authorized dealers, own and use the equipment ourselves and sell all Smith Victor Lighting Corp. products at a discount and all are fully guaranteed! 

Smith Victor Corp History- Smith Victor Lighting corp. originally  incorporated in 1909 as James H. Smith & Sons Corp. for the production of their innovative "Victor 24 times brighter flash powder."  Their product line  rapidly expanded into a full line of photographic lighting equipment. In 1953  the company changed their name to "Smith-Victor" in salute to the company's first product.  On New Year's Eve 1998, Smith-Victor Corporation was sold  to Promark International, Inc., a corporation that had earlier acquired and revitalized Acme-Light Mfg. Co.  94 years later, Smith Victor Lighting corp. continues to lead the photography lighting equipment and accessories market in quality and value. 

Save On Smith Victor Lighting Kits and Lights from Photography Lighting Inc! You get excellent service too!

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